Hans "Spanky" Hoffmann
San Francisco, d. 20.Jun.2014,heart attack.


To all our riding friends n associates, this has been a bad week for the Sunday morning riders. Wade got hit last night and has a badly broken ankle and bike. Matt Harold was in a wreck on hwy 175 and is paralyzed from the stomach down and our dear friend and my employee for years Spanky had a massive heart attack last night an did not make it. More info to come RIP Hans Hans Hoffmann. Let's all be carefull out there and survive! - Raymond Roy

I met Spanky in 1989 as a walking messenger. Spanky was the first messenger that became my friend and gave me inspiration to work as a motorcycle messenger and do cool shit like the Cabo 1000. I became a Paramedic in 2002 and if not mistaken by Celena Hoffmann's recent post, roughly two years ago was called to Spanky's house to do CPR on my poor friend. My crew did the best we could to save his life. Sadly, I was the one to pronounce his death. Spanky will always live on in my heart as the coolest (and craziest) dude ever known. I probably wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for Hans Hoffmann. - ‎Shawn Tearle‎



Spanky and
        Jen Zen


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