Suss Larsen
Copenhagen, d. 2.June.2012, killed by car.

Suss Larsen 

Dear all. Here is a greeting from Lis.

Suss was killed in a car accident on Saturday. The week before fetched Suss her skates with me and told me she had had the opportunity to get four weeks out of town - in the country over on Funen. She was delighted, for she had to pick up edge of the table again. The week before again had Diana and I picked her in the morning in front of a tavern to run her at Frederiksberg Hospital.
Suss had been told that if she turned in Injury Clinic, they would admit her and give her the help she needed. Frederiksberg Hospital admissions in unfortunately Suss, Suss but sent home with medication, which she would take in that she was sober.

I have known Suss for 10 years. Met her in Højer, where she studied graphic communication with Diana. In the dark nights far west, we had despite the fact that I could sea been her mother, many pleasant and amusing evenings together. Suss was really cute, fun and a good comrade. She was a talented graphic artist and was able to retain a youthfulness in both mind and look that I could fall completely into a reverie over. Even the morning at Frederiksberg Hospital, she looked like a beautiful young woman in her twenties. I do not know how she did it. Suss had many acquaintances, but I could understand from Suss that life for a long time had been unsettling hard. The switch to Frederiksberg Hospital was the first time she really asking for professional help.

She wanted the heart to get well ahead in life. She wanted the heart to be helped out of the alcohol, solid grip. Therefore, it is so incredibly sad that Suss had to meet his fate one late night on the road on Funen on the way to help. But she was pretty clear not have possibilities to unfold as the creative and funny girl, she was indeed behind the shyness and mind reværdet. It is so unbearably sad that she had to walk alone on the road straight into the darkness. That she had not deserved. We are many who will miss Suss - Let her life and destiny be our doctrine. All honor to her memory - .Lis Bentzen, Mørk Hansen


Til jer der ikke allerede har fået beskeden så beklager jeg at måtte bringe beskeden om at Suss "Hannibal" Larsen omkom i lørdags. Suss blev ramt af en bil på en landevej på Fyn. Bisættelsen finder sted Onsdag d 13.06.2012, kl 13.00 fra Søndermarks Kapel, Roskildevej 59. Måske nogen er friske på at mødes kl 12.00 og cykle i samlet trop fra Gammel Torv? Spred gerne ordet. - Martin Mo Kvedéris

My Deepest Condolences go out to The Larsen Family...*Suss Larsen  May You Rest In Peace & Ride amongst the best Messengers GOD Has Created... Keep a watch over us down here! <3. Thank you for the Memories! – Fernando Rivera

Fuck football. Mind is with Suss Larsen. God damn shit week. Rest in peace 007. - Stefan Vis


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