Khake Toure

New York City, d. 1994

Messenger Killed

Transportation Alternatives, a New York City cycling advocacy group, reported in a recent issue of City Cyclist that bike messenger Khake Toure became the first rider to be killed in the city in '94. The 34-year-old Toure, who was wearing a helmet, reportedly ran a red light and was hit by a bus and a taxi. He'd been a messenger for 7 years. In a sort of eulogy, about 100 couriers later blocked the street at the site of the accident for about 45 minutes, then embarked on a Critical Mass-type ride around the city. Joe Falasca, a messenger participating in the event, told TA "We all know the dangers of messengering -- no benefits, no health insurance, no worker's comp. But for a lot of guys, it's the only job they can get."

According to TA, 17 cyclists were killed in New York City in '92. Final figures aren't available for '93, but the estimate is 15 - 20.
[It should be noted that in most killings of cyclists the police take the motorist's version of the events as fact since the dead cyclist cannot tell their side. In 1999 35 cyclists were killed in New York City.]

from Bicycling Magazine, June 1994