Valerie Zingg

Zürich, 19.Sept.1975 - 11.May.2004, cancer
Born in Basel. Buried in Rodersdorf on 13.May.2004

valerie - the world's best messenger

dear friends,
many of you knew valerie - the best messenger i have ever met. she's worked as a messenger for over ten years. she was part of the global gutz organization, and has set up many a local alleycat in zurich and basel. some of you surely had the pleasure of meeting her at one of several cmwc's, ecmc's or countless other courier events she participated in. she had been suffering from cancer for years. the last time many of you might have seen her was the cmwc in copeland. since then she's been in the hospital on and off, or then again just felt she was too tired to travel. i was always impressed how strong she was fighting her struggle and dealing with this difficult part of her life. even when she realized there was no more chance for her to survive the illness and she knew that her time had come, she stayed tough but soft as she always had been. two weeks ago she left us forever. she died peacefully and at ease with her fate...  i miss her very much

- Luk Keller

It's hard to believe people like Valerie should have to leave this earth prematurely - her open and broad smile, her positive look on life and her strong will to fight against her illness will stick in my mind forever. She was a person with a lot of warmth and happiness. Your memory is alive. May peace be with you.

Nicholas Bornstein,
Zürich, Switzerland

I didn't know Valerie well, but did meet her several times and was always left with the most wonderful impression of her beautiful personality. She seemed to have a smile for everyone, but at the same time a secret smile just for herself. I am terribly saddened by her passing, and my heart goes out to everyone who's life she touched, in even the small way she touched mine.

- Anaïs Fritzlan

I heard it on Sunday evening from Mo; it's really sad and also I will miss her... I was impressed when she still came to Copeland just after a chemo. I think she has been strong. She made the most of her life as she could possibly could. Sometimes, or actually anytime when a young person misses his or hers life, life isn't fair. But it happens, and we can only have them in our memories, and like all the others, Valerie is in mine, as a great, strong and fun woman. I'll miss her. Thanks for everything she's done for the messengers.