10-9 on 10-8 MessengerAppreciation Day 1999

In 1991 in San Francisco, a mayoral proclamationdecreed that October 9 of every year would be MessengerAppreciation Day.  Today 10-9 Day is celebrated informallyall over the world. Last year Toronto officially proclaimed 10-9 Day forthe second year. Cities such as Chicago, Washington DC, Calgary, Montrealand Vancouver made similar proclamations. This year more cities are expectedto join the celebration on Friday October 8 (10-9 on 10-8). Some citiesmay choose to celebrate all week from 10-4 to 10-9.

Cities celebrate because they're beginningto recognize the value of their messengers as fast, efficient , and confidentialdeliverers of information. Couriers are hailed as environmental air savingathletes. Last year San Francisco's Mayor Willie Brown personally honouredmessengers at the Wall. In Toronto, Councillor Jack Layton made a specialvisit to Temperance Street's courier community at 'Spreads to deliver thecity's message.

Messenger Appreciation Day acknowledgessome of the many benefits bicycle couriers bring to our cities. We reducetoxic emissions in the downtown core, take up less space on the road anddo less damage to the roads. They increase the safety of pedestrians andaid charities. As ambassadors of goodwill, we hold doors, give directions,catch thieves, report accidents, retrieve stolen property and hunt downowners of lost items. We provide a value added service that continuouslyimproving firms seek out as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency.And we are year round cyclists who promote the bicycle as a viable formof transportation and economic development.

Messenger Appreciation Day (10-9 day)

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