Messenger Appreciation Day - 10-9...10-9 ?

by Howard Williams

Mercury Rising, 19-9 Issue, October 1995

A few years ago a mayoral proclamation decreed that October 9 of eachyear would be Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco. October 9 isof course 10-9 in our manifests and as we all know "10-9" inradio code means "Repeat you last transmission" or another wayof saying "Huh?"

For the past few years 10-9 Day has come and gone with little attentionpaid by anyone - messenger or non-messenger. But this year, with the CMWCapproaching, 10-9 Day and SF bike messengers have some attention.

Some messengers object to October 9 being Messenger Appreciation Day.They point out that choosing a day that symbolizes unawareness, howevertongue-in-cheek, will reinforce the lack of seriousness which many non-messengershave toward us. And it is unfortunate that much of our best music, writing,art and even charitable activities are not taken seriously.

On the other hand there are indications that this 10-9 Day will seesome serious attention and appreciation shown by non-messengers. Accordingly,I think that this October 9 should utilize this attention and appreciationto point out the seriousness of our work, our culture and our lives. Onetopic we might discuss is should we get a new date for Messenger AppreciationDay, 10-9?

So this year, we thought we'd use this new-found-non-messenger appreciation(thanks, Odwalla) to kick-off the 4th annual Cycle Messenger World Championshipsto be held in SF Labor Day Weekend 1996.

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