Here is a copy of a letter supporting San Francisco's messengers and10-9 Day in S.F. And below it is the response from the Mayor's Office.

From Mercury Rising



October 11,1991

Mayor Art Agnos

City Hall Room 200

San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Mayor Agnos

There exists within the City a unique group of individuals whose onlyfunction is to keep the wheels of commerce moving smoothly and efficiently.I'm referring to the bike messengers of San Francisco.

Day in and day out, our bike messengers speed information across theCity, up it's hills and down its alleys, carrying the City's business onflashing wheels. Bike messengers are an integral part of the City's businessmachinery. Whether it's delivering vital documents or picking up the lastavailable pair of tickets for a 49'ers game, bike messengers do it bestwith a daring bravado worthy of Robin Hood. They are true urban heroes,fiercely independent, always on the fringes of respectability, but scrupulouslyhonest in the handling of their deliveries. These men and women put theirlives on the line every day so that the business of the City can proceeduninterrupted.

As one of the few U.S. cities fortunate enough to have bike messengers,it is well past the time for San Francisco to honor them with their ownspecial day. Let's devote one day to show the messengers - our colleagues- that their efforts are appreciated by those of us conducting businessin San Francisco. Therefore, I urge you to create a Bike Messenger AppreciationDay to honor the hard work, dedication, and sheer style these people contributeto the City of San Francisco.


Marilee Montgomery

Administrative Assistant

Office of the Mayor

San Francisco

Ms. Marley Montgomery

Robert Mendelson & Associates, Inc.

2001 Union Street, Suite 630

San Francisco, California, 91123

Dear Ms. Montgomery

Thank you for letting me know about you support for San Francisco designatinga special "Day" for saluting its colorful bicycle messengers.I agree that our bicycle messengers play a very special and important rolein maintaining the flow of goods and information in our very busy city.

I certainly would consider issuing a city and county proclamation designatingsuch a "Day" in their honor. In order for such a proclamationto be meaningful and gain citywide attention it would be helpful for bicyclemessenger businesses, businesses they serve, or a group representing bikemessengers to make an effort to identify an appropriate date. Then theycould sponsor an event or series of events that could each year mark ina special way the celebration honoring the role of our bike messengers.

I look forward to hearing more about your proposal.


Art Agnos

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