Ministry of the Environment

October 7, 1999
To:Toronto Hoof and Cycle Courier Coalitionand the 
 International Federation of BikeMessenger Associations


Thank you for your letter of September18, 1999 informing me about your Messenger Appreciation Day activities.

The Ministry of the Environment and I arehappy to join the City and people of Toronto in celebrating Toronto's thirdannual Messenger Appreciation Day.

In the course of making more than a milliondeliveries a year, Toronto's 500 couriers are helping business and industryrun smoothly and doing so without adding the slightest trace of pollutionto our air. And your environment-friendly service is keeping 2,500 carsa day off the city's streets. That in itself is a significant contributionto reducing smog levels that can be so damaging to our environment andour health.

Even more important is the example youset for others. Every courier on the streets is visible encouragement forcity residents to bicycle to work, to shop or to school. You are showingus all the better, faster and fitter way to get about town.

Toronto's third annual Messenger AppreciationDay not only recognizes the efforts of messengers, but also promotes publiceducation and awareness of environmental issues. I hope the celebrationof this day gets the attention it deserves and that your service gets theappreciation that you deserve.

Congratulations to all of you for makingMessenger Appreciation Day a reality, for your hard work, and for the exampleeach of you sets.

Yours very truly,

Tony Clement

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