Toronto EnvironmentalAlliance

October 5, 1999

Toronto Hoof and Cycle Courier Coalition

Congratulations on Messenger AppreciationDay! For over a decade , the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) hasworked to promote environmentally-sustainable living in Toronto, and wesupport cycle and foot couriers as an important part of this goal.

As you know, smog and air pollution isone of the most serious threats to our health and environment that we face.Cars and fossil fuel combustion are the largest sources of smog which hasbeen linked to over 1,800 premature deaths in Ontario each year. Torontoand cities across Souther Ontario faced  record numbers of "smog days"this year. Through the Toronto Atmospheric Fund and the City of TorontoSmog Plan, commitments have been made by our city to combat air pollutionand climate change, but continued action must be paid to this issue.

In addition to reducing air pollution inToronto, TEA recognizes your coalition leadership in helping to make ourcity pedestrian-and-bicycle-friendly.

TEA is pleased to support Messenger AppreciationDay as a way to promote a greener, more environmentally-sustainable Toronto.


Rich Whate
Toronto Environmental Alliance

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