Letters to the Editor

Washington Post, June 13, 1989

Traffic safety is a function of proper behavior and law enforcement.The D.C. Bicycle Advisory Council supports the Commercial Bicycle OperatorsTraining and Licensing Law, which is designed to enhance traffic law enforcementprocedures and to treat commercial bicyclists like other commercial vehicleoperators {Close to Home, June 4} . The regulations to implement the lawhave been published in the District Register, and comments on them maybe made before June 19.

The new rules would require bicycle couriers to obtain a license aftercompleting a test and to display a visible identification tag. There isalso a complaint procedure in case of violations.

Each year in the District hundreds of cyclists are injured in accidents,and couriers are at the greatest risk since they spend so much timeon the road.[completely false]. The courier law should improve theconditions for safe and lawful cycling and reduce risk for everyone.

LINDA KEENAN Chair D.C. Bicycle Advisory Council Washington

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