Messenger Appreciation Day

by Parte King

Mess Press, Winter 1991

Hey all you fellow messengers. It's high time we were given the respectwe deserve instead of taking abuse.

The following page is a form letter we hope you take the time to sendto the local Hallmark people. We realize this may not be too popular anidea with the public. Herb Caen is the only one who comes close to endorsingour profession. Like any profession, ours has its share of rookies, assholesand incapables (quit saying 'Fuck' on elevators).

But overall we're a hardworking tribe. In fact a good portion of usare downright good people. We hold doors, give directions, catch thieves,retrieve stolen property and hunt down owners of lost items - in my yearsa pair of thieves, passport, paycheck and portfolio. Sure we party hardand often. We don't always smell angelic and we take liberties at intersections.

We do work hard. If secretaries day can exist so can Messenger Day.Think of it:

Dear Folk,

There is an integral chain ring in the machine of our city that is simplybeing ignored. This hardworking group is environmentally conscious. Theyride bicycles to work. Their job is both dangerous and necessary to thecontinued smooth function of our business district.

I say the time has come for you at Hallmark to invent the holiday tohonor these people. We've all heard of secretaries day and I don't wishto take anything away from that occupation or its relevance. I do, howeverfeel that 90% of the people in that profession couldn't handle the jobsthese folk do.

I'm speaking of the Bike Messengers of San Francisco. That's right dudesand dudettes of Hallmark, the time is ripe for the inaugural Bike MessengerDay. Not only are they an attractive crew but a deserving crew as well.


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