S 157b Bicycles -Bikes must: -use path if provided except foraccess, safety, turns, etc. -on one-way roadway at least 40 feet wide mayuse left lane -Other vehicles must not drive across bike lane except foraccess, safety, turns, etc.

S l57 Use of Roadways -Bicycles prohibited on expressways, drives,highways, interstate routes and thruways unless signs posted to allow them

S 148 Reporting accidents by drivers of other than motor vehicles

-Rider involved in accident resulting in PD or PI must stop and givename, address, insurance info, etc. and must report to PD

S 144 Driver's hand on steering device -Rider must have handon steering device or handlebars

S 8l f - Stopping, standing and parking prohibited in specified places

- No parking, standing or stopping vehicles within or otherwise obstructingbike lanes

S 72 Restrictions on crossing sidewalks -No riding bikes on sidewalksunless sign allows or wheels less than 26 inches in diameter and rideris twelve years or younger

Violations -Traffic infraction (TVB)

*fine $35 (+ $10 surcharge)


S 10-157 Bicycles used for commercial purposes

-Business must be identified on bike by name and number

-Operator must wear upper body apparel with business‘ name and operator'snumber

-Operator must carry and produce on demand numbered ID card with operator‘sphoto name, home address and business' name, address and phone number

-Business must maintain log book of all operators and trips -Owner ofbusiness must file annual report with PD

Violations -Refusal to produce ID - traffic infraction (TV0)

*fine $25 - $50 (+ $10 surcharge)

-Other provisions - violation (Criminal Court)

*fine $100 $150 OR jail not more than 15 days OR both

S 375 - Equipment, -Rider cannot wear more than one earphoneattached to radio, tape player or other audio device while riding

S 1232 Riding on bicycles -Must ride on a permanent seat -Feetmust be on pedals -Bike must carry only number of persons for which itis designed and equipped

S1233 Clinging to vehicles -No attaching bike to other vehiclebeing operated on roadway

S 1234 Riding on roadways shoulders, bicycle lanes and bicycle paths-Must drive on right side of roadway (some conditions and exceptions) seealso N.Y.C. Traffic Rules and Regs. 157b above -No more than two abreast

S 1235 Carrying articles -Rider must keep at least one hand onhandle bars when carrying packages

S 1236 Lamps and other equipment -Lamp must be used dusk to dawn-Bell or other audible signal (not whistle) -Brakes -Reflective tires and/orother reflective devices

S 1237 Hand and arm signals -Bicyclists are required to use handsignals to turn left and right and to stop or decrease speed

-Rider can use either hand to signal a right turn

S 1238 Carrying children -Must be carried in properly affixedchild carrier

-Child must wear a helmet -Cannot be carried under age one

S 1800 Violations -Traffic infraction (TVB or Criminal Courtat PD discretion)

-First violation *TVB fine not more than $50 (+ $10 surcharge)

*Criminal Court

- fine not more than $50 OR jail not more than 15 days OR both

-Second violation *TVB fine not more than $100 (+ $10 surcharge)

*Criminal Court fine not more than $100 OR jail not more than 45 daysOR both

-Third & subsequent violation within 18 months *TVB fine not morethan %250 (+ $10 surcharge)

*Criminal Court fine not more than $250 OR jail not more than 90 daysOR both

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