Vancouver's Courier License Law

March 21, 1989

To: Bicycle Couriers

The City of Vancouver requires that, effective May 1, 1989, bicyclecouriers be licensed in accordance with Section 12A.(1) to (4) of the Vehiclefor Hire Bylaw No. 6066 which states as follows:

"12A. (1) No person shall be licensed to operate a courier bicycleuntil he has successfully completed a written and a practical examinationapproved by the Inspector.

(2) The Inspector shall furnish a numbered plate to every person qualifyingfor a license to operate a courier bicycle, which plate shall be attached,to the bicycle operated by such person at the rear of the seat so thatit is clearly visible from behind the bicycle or in some other conspicuousposition. Such plate is non-transferrable and remains the property of theCity, and. shall be surrendered to the Inspector on the expiration, revocationor suspension of the license corresponding to it.

(3) Every person licensed pursuant to this section shall at all timeswhile operating a courier bicycle carry on his person an identificationcard. displaying his photograph and showing his full name, address anddate of birth.

(4) A police officer may arrest without warrant any person operatinga courier bicycle whom he finds committing a breach of this by-law if suchperson fails to stop and, produce his identification card or state hisproper name and address when so requested by the police officer."It should be noted that Section 3.1 of the Vancouver License By-law No.4450 states:

"No person shall carry on within the City any business trade, professionor other occupation without holding a subsisting City license therefor."

If this department determines that a person is operating as a bicyclecourier without a license, the matter will be referred to the City Prosecutorfor the laying of charges. A conviction may result in a fine between $50.00and $2,000.

BY-LAW NO. 6402

A By-law to amend the License By-law, being By-law No. 4450

THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF VANCOUVER, in open meeting assembled, enactsas follows: l. Section 2 of By-law No. 4450 is amended by inserting afterthe definition for "Banker" the following:

"Bicycle Courier Service means a person carrying on the businessof conveying goods by means of a bicycle.

2. By-law No. 4450 is further amended by inserting after section 11the following:

"BICYCLE COURIER SERVICE 11A. No person carrying on the businessof a bicycle courier service shall employ or offer the services of anyperson required to be licensed as the operator of a courier bicycle pursuantto the Vehicles for Hire By-law unless that person is so licensed.

3. This By-law shall come into force and take effect on 1 January 1989.

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