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Calgary's Licensing Laws

This information comes from an article in the Calgary Herald from October1991 entitled "Road Warriors", (by Bob Beaty)

Calgary's core of bicycle courier's are about to become licensed, insuredand accountable to city drivers and pedestrians.

A by-law to regulate the often dangerous, sometimes maligned cyclistsis expected to be passed uncontested by City Council on October 15.

Some quick facts about the Proposed Bike Courier By-law:

- Bicycle courier companies must obtain a license approved by the City.Cost of the license is $50

- The company must hold a minimum of $1 million liability insuranceto provide for personal injury or property damage incurred in an accident.

- Each rider must have visible identification

- Licensing infractions carry first time fines of $100 and between $300and $2,500 for second offence.

The Calgary Licence Division of the Finance Department is responsiblefor the administration and enforcement of the Bicycle Courier LicensingBylaw 48M90, which requires all courier businesses using bicycle couriersto be licensed and to have each bicycle courier carry an identificationplate attached to the front and rear of the bicycle. 


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