Injuries Only Mar to Enjoyable Race

Hideouswhitenoise, Issue 17, Winter 1993

by Guido

The thrid annual Alley Cat bike race, sponsored by Jet Fuel Cafe and a multitude of other businesses was a smashing success. Held at a secret location, 90 Ontario St, the race was complete with a velodrome, something that had to be seen to believed. The course went higgley, piggley all over town, including right through the Eaton's Centre.

The winner of this year's extravaganza was Kevin from Spinning Wheels. The losers were Nick Kovac and Courier Lad, whose identity to this day remains a mystery. Their injuries were the highlight of the evening. Nick Kovac hit the velodrome, went high on the bank and cracked his gourd open on a pipe. Courier Lad hit the velodrome, spilled and was so upset dragged his face along the track.

Race organizer, red Nick denies that the course was planned that way.

The festivities that followed were punctuated by the ritcheous grooves of Boozeass, Heuvs Dues and the Satanatras. As usual, most of the crowd was too cool to partake in costumes, but those who did scored high points on originality.

There were great prizes given out to the winners of the race courtesy of Spinning Wheels and other race related sponsors but Jim McCarthy got the prize for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Leaving the race, he was passing the Kremlin on Jarvis and was apparently accosted by Russians. A scuffle broke out and Jim had his nose broken. Apparently the '72 series is still a sore spot with those commy bastards.

Early reportshave Toronto as the sight for the third International Bike Messenger Race. It will be held in August, but everything is still up in the air. Stay tuned.

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