The following is the summary of a study on bicycle couriers by the Societede l'assurance automobile du Quebec from 1992. It was prepared in French.This is the only part I have in English. Once I get it translated I wilput the whole thing up.

Note that although the study comes out against licensing, once againit did not consult couriers. It did, however consult cyclists' associations,like they are experts on messengers.

Also note this was prepare by an automobile insurance group.


This document provides food for thought on the safety concerns involvingbike couriers based on the experience, opinions and perceptions of municipalauthorities in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, New YorkCity and Washington, D.C. as well as of cyclists' associations in Canadaand the United States.

Consultations have brought to light the following points:

In summary, our conclusions are twofold:

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