Students are permitted to ask any questions they may have regardingthe material in the exam.


The 35 questions should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete.The instructor will mark the exams, and record the students' scores. Thiswill be followed by a discussion, in which the instructor will discussany errors made on the exam, and answer students' questions.

NOTE: The BABC will keep all exams. Exam questions are confidential.


The road exam will test cycling proficiency in all areas covered Inthe "Cycling Skills For Couriers" course. Students should demonstratean understanding of and an ability to implement Forester's five Basic TrafficCycling Principles on multi-lane roads, plus competence in emergency maneuvers.

The route will include: driveway rideout, stop signs, traffic lights,straight through, right and left turns, straight from a right turn onlylane, left from a left turn only lane or a multiple destination lane, lanechanging, merging, diagonal railway tracks, wide and narrow roads, andparking lot emergency maneuvers.

The group will ride through the route once and will take turns leadingwhile the instructor observes from behind.

To pass the exam, students must demonstrate basic competence in allaspects of the road exam. A dangerous error or consistent mistakes aresufficient justification for not passing.

Students who do not pass the exam will be informed of their errors andprovided with suggestions to help them improve their performance.

Pass for the written exam - 75%.

Pass for the road test - not more than 1 Major Fault* and not more than2 Minor Faults.*

* (A Major Fault is a serious error in judgment but not one which wouldresult in a traffic violation. A fault which could result in a trafficviolation constitutes an automatic fail. A Minor Fault is an error in judgmentor road position). These standards are taken from the Can Bike Skills IIManual.

Appendix A - Traffic Skills for Couriers

Appendix C - Instructor Certification Process

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