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About us

Mess Media is a web based media research and analysis center committed to ensuring the accuracy of media reports concerning messengers. Mess Media monitors, analyzes and corrects media reporting errors and bias that are all too common  when the media shines the spotlight on messengers. Mess Media will also applaud those reports that include the facts.

Mess Media also works to ensure media reports include the messengers' side of the story rather than just a messenger company's side. Messengers are not represented by their companies they are represented by BMA's (bike messenger associations). Media outlets should either include comments from the local BMA or the IFBMA or they should include a statement that these BMA's were unavailable for comment.

For years the media has portrayed bike messengers as reckless criminals representing one of the most pressing dangers to the safety of road users. Media reports often rely upon stereotypes, bias and anecdotes while ignoring factual truths regarding transportation in urban areas.

Reports are more than just words calling for hysterical actions that would never be suggested for virtually every other profession. The entire profession has been banned on occasion. Innocent messengers have been harassed, jailed and murdered because of hysteria related to false, misleading and outrageous media reports

These reports contribute to the demonization, marginalization and discrimination of the messenger community while forgetting the truth.

Mess Media works to ensure that the truth is also represented and available.


Send comments or suggestions, to: mima@messmedia.org

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