October 9th is

Messenger Appreciation Day

In 1991, a mayoral proclamation decreed that October 9 of every year would be Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco. October 9 is "10-9" in radio code and means "Say again" or "What?" 10-9 Day is celebrated informally all over the world. In 1997 Toronto joined San Francisco in celebrating Messenger Appreciation Day with a joint proclamation from the City of Toronto and Metro Toronto.

10-9 Day has been proclamied or recognized by Calgary, Chicago (proclamation), Edmonton, Portland, SanFrancisco, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver , Houston and Washington DC.

Let's congratulate all bike couriers on the benefits they bring to our cities:

The United Nations proclaimed October 9 - "World Post Day"

Letters of Appreciation: Transport Canada

Environment Canada

Ontario Ministry Of Environment

Toronto Cycling Committee

Toronto Environmental Alliance

More on 10-9 Day: Ask Your City to Proclaim Messenger Appreciation Day

Portland's 2009 Proclamation

Toronto's 2009 Proclamation

Chicago's 2007 Proclamation

Toronto's 2007 Proclamation

Toronto's 2006 Proclamation

Toronto's 2005 Proclamation

Messenger Appreciation in New York

Toronto's 2004 Proclamation

Toronto's 2003 Proclamation

Toronto's 2002 Proclamation

Edmonton's 1999 Proclamation

SanFrancisco's 1998 Proclamation

Washington DC's 1998 Proclamation

Vancouver's 1998 Proclamation

Calgary's 1998 Recognition

Toronto's 1997 Proclamation

North York's 1997 Proclamation

Hoof & Cycle's Letter to Toronto's Mayor and Councillor's, 1997

Marilee Montgomery's Letter to San Francisco's Mayor and reply, 1991

Articles on 10-9 Day:

Three cheers for the courier: Messenger Appreciation Day is October 9th - Examiner.com, October 7, 2009

City messengers are on receiving end for a change  - Chicago Sun-Times, October 13, 2000

Bike messengers gather to celebrate their solidarity- San Francisco Examiner, October 11, 2000

Bike Messengers' Day - San Francisco Examiner, October 11, 2000

10-8 Day  1999 in San Francisco - Ignition 20, October 1999

SF's 10-9 Day (1998) - Cognition, November 1998

Toronto's wild riders get a hearty 'thanks' - Toronto Star, Oct 10, 1998

Proclamation Makes Bike Couriers' Day - Vancouver West Ender, Oct 08 1998

Couriers Await 10-9 Day - Vancouver Sun, Oct 08 1998

Oat Bars for Everyone! - Toronto Sun, Oct 07 1998

S.F. Freewheelers Want to Join Union - SF Chronicle, Oct 7, 1998

Messenger Appreciation Day - 10-9..10-9? - Mercury Rising, October 1995

Messenger Appreciation Day - Mess Press, Winter 1991

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