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Every 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month.
From 6:00pm to 8:00pm
25 Cecil St.
All current and former couriers are welcome



Messenger zines have been around for about 20 years (and likely longer.)  They provided the voice for our communities. In Toronto the voice was Hideouswhitenoise and it's editor Guido.


Issue #42, Spring 1999

Wayne Scott vs the Taxman

Issue #33, Summer 1997

"Guido Does New York"

"Community With a Heart of Gold Raises $5000"

Issue #31, Spring 1997

"Couriers, Cops & Firefighters Square Off For a Good Cause"

"Rebirth of Elephant Bike"

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1997"

"Boston Bash"

Issue #30, Winter 1997

"Where There's Smokes, There's Hipocracy"

"Friday The XIII - Part I?"

Issue #29, Fall 1996

"That Murdering 4 Wheeler"

"The Gathering"

Issue #28, Summer 1996

"Full Contact Traffic"

Issue #27, Spring 1996

"Keefe MacLaverty - Rest In Peace"

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1996"


Moving Target

Issue 23, Spring 1997

"First Day"


Spring 1995


"The Sixth Halloween Alleycat Scramble"


Voice of Da

Issue #4, Spring 1997

"St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1997)"

Lost Cat

Lost Cat, Mid-winter 1998

"The Toronto Story"

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