Toronto Bike Messenger Association





Hoof&Cycle - Active Transport Workers' Guild is now the Toronto Bike Messenger Association (TOBMA)



TOBMA monthly meetings:


Every 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month.
From 6:30pm to 8:00pm
25 Cecil St.
All current and former couriers are welcome



Labour Issues

TOBMA Messenger Industry Handbook  - 1999

Food As Fuel - The successful fight to allow bicycle and foot couriers a tax deduction on the extra food required for them to perform their jobs.

TOBMA Report on Licensing  - 1997

The Association of Professional Urban Cyclists' (A.P.U.C.) 1991 submissions on licensing - APUC was a messenger association that spoke for couriers in the early 1990’s Many of the same people became part of Hoof and Cycle.

Canada Post Act – Universal mail requires minimum courier charges. Violation of the Canada Post Act go unpunished and lead to exploitation of the labour force.

Canada Post's Confirmation - They will prosecute courier companies who violate the law.

Workers Compensation Board - Ontario's Bike and foot couriers are automatically covered.

Messenger Contracts - This is a contract companies use to attempt to avoid labour laws and ethical behaviour.


Choking Us To Death – 1999 - The TOBMA's (formerly Hoof and Cycle's) report on the air pollution crisis and its health effects on couriers.

The TOBMA (formely Hoof and Cycle) submitted presentations to help Canada addresss it comittment to the Kyoto protocol to reduce green house gas emissions from transportation sources.

 Transportation Table Address #1

 Transportation Table Address #2


10-9 day – Messenger Appreciation Day is October 9th


 Toronto's Licensing Reports and Info

Toronto City Councillor Steve Ellis' 1997 Comments on those evil enemies of the people. He lost his seat in the very next election.

Toronto's Draft Law from 1991 - This was never passed but any future law would probably start with this draft.

Toronto's Bicycle Laws - By-laws and the Highway Traffic Act and fines

More on Toronto's Laws from ARC

The Toronto City Cycling Committee's (TCCC) 1992 Report - This is a report on licensing all cyclists in Toronto and couriers. It comes out against licensing.

The TCCC's 1991 Report - Includes the TCCC recommendations to amend the draft by-law. Recommends delaying licensing until more information available.

The TCCC's 1987 Report - This report is about registering couriers as well as licensing all cyclists.

The Lawful and the Awful (1991) - workshops on improving cyclists behavior and enforcement issues. No couriers involved in the workshops - so guess what they recomend, with no evidence.

Metro Toronto Police Comments on Licensing Couriers - from 1992

Sunwheel Couriers Report - from 1989. A courier company's recomendations


List of Toronto Courier Companies



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