The Hoof&Cycle Messenger Industry Handbook
  (Originally published June 1999, Revised 2005)


Proof of Delivery
Is Your Company Legal?
San Francisco Messengers Vote to Union
The Times They Are-a-Changin' - BMA's and Unions
10-9 on 10-8 Messenger Appreciation Day 1999?
Why Your City Needs A Local BMA
Minimum Courier Charges in North America
Workers Compensation and Messengers
ILO Needs IFBMA Input
Disguised Employees
Smog is Choking Us to Death
The Employment Standards Act (Ontario) 
Wheels of Change - SFBMA White Paper
The Employer is Always the Last to Know
International Federation of Bike Messenger Associations (IFBMA)
Food as Fuel - Messengers can deduct their extra food costs
This Job Could Kill
Sweatshop on Wheels

Toronto Courier Companies

Indepent Contractor vs Employee? (MIMA)
Employee or Self-Employed   (from Canada Revenue Agency)
(note historically the key factor is control when identifying an employee-employer relationship)

Request for a ruling as to the status of a worker under the Canada Pension Plan or Employment Insurance Act
PDF cpt1-04b.pdf (25 KB)
PDF fillable cpt1-fill-04b.pdf (60 KB)

Hoof & Cycle's Report on Licensing (presented to the Toronto Cycling Committee 1997)
Toronto's Bicycle Laws - By-laws and the Highway Traffic Act and fines
Toronto Coroner's Report and Recommendations on Cycling Fatalities in Toronto

More Toronto reports and labour resources at Messville's Labour page and MIMA's Labour page

Not Enough bike parking? Request a post and ring in any location.

Got a ticket or a legal problem?
Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists (ARC) has some great resources that might help, including:

(All of the links below are at ARC's Library:)
Cyclist Collision Information
Facts about Automobile Accident Injury Claims
Who's At Fault in an Auto Accident
ARC Lawyer List
How to Sue the City
Cyclists and the Law
Cyclists and the Law Part II
What Can Cyclists Do To Protect Themselves Legally?
How to Fight Traffic Tickets
How to Fight Criminal Charges
How to File a Traffic Violation Report
How to Pursue a Private Prosecution
Request for Disclosure Form
Counselling After a Bike Crash

Edited by Joe Hendry

Introduction - P.O.D. - Proof of Delivery

There are many threats to the physical and financial health of the professional bike messenger. The Toronto Hoof and Cycle Courier Coaltion exists to protect bicycle and foot couriers from these threats. We work to promote a safe and healthy industry that contributes to the community .

This handbook serves to educate messengers, companies, clients and the general public about the industry and the challenges faced by messengers. We cover topics such as unions, employment standards, workers compensation, air pollution and auto dependence. All of these issues present challenges to the messenger community but Toronto's couriers will respond to these challenges the same way they respond to everyday obstacles to get the job done.

So let's get the job done. Proof of delivery.

Is Your Company Legal?

Has your company illegally deducted money from your paycheque? Did you get paid for Good Friday and Victoria Day? How about vacation pay? Overtime? Lunch? Does your company charge less than $2.55 for any calls? Do you get paid for waiting time or dead runs? Ever hear of Workers Compensation?

The Toronto Hoof  and Cycle Courier Coaltion wants all your evidence of violations of the Employment Standards Act, Canada Post Act, and any other acts. Messenger companies have been stealing from their couriers for years. It's time to pay up. We intend to catalogue, compile, and publicize violations by courier companies. Clients must know who their dealing with.

Once we have an estimate of damages we may seek compensation through the court system and we intend to take our cases to the Ministry of Labour. If courier companies can't survive without ripping off their messengers then those couirer companies shouldn't be in business.

Save that paper trail. Get proof of delivery.


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