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monitors, analyzes and corrects media reporting errors and bias concerning messengers and couriers.

Messenger Institute
 for Media Accuracy

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Messengers reckless?
License or Label
IC a.k.a. employee
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Labour Issues


Independent Contractors

IFBMA - Legal and Labor Resources (including IC's and unions)

CUPW - SYLCO - Collective Agreement

Bicycle Backlash in Boston and Unionization (1999)

DCBCA's Minimum Industry Standards

NYBMA's Know Your Rights Manual

New York State Department of Labor Independent Contractor Guidelines (pdf)

Independant Contractor - Do's and Don'ts - Preception & Culture (pdf)

Transerv v. Portland Bike Messengers Union - NLRB decision in the 1993 dispute.

Orbit Lightspeed (NYC) v. Teamsters - NLRB decision in the 1997 dispute.

Hoof & Cycle Messenger Industry Handbook  - 1999

Food As Fuel - The successful fight to allow bicycle and foot couriers a tax deduction on the extra food required for them to perform their jobs.

Hoof & Cycle Report on Licensing  - 1997

The Association of Professional Urban Cyclists' (A.P.U.C.) 1991 submissions on licensing - APUC was a messenger association that spoke for couriers in the early 1990’s Many of the same people became part of Hoof and Cycle.

Canada Post Act – Universal mail requires minimum courier charges. Violation of the Canada Post Act go unpunished and lead to exploitation of the labour force.

Canada Post's Confirmation - They will prosecute courier companies who violate the law.

Understanding the Private Express Statutes (pdf)

Workers Compensation Board - Ontario's Bike and foot couriers are automatically covered.

Messenger Contracts - This is a contract companies use to attempt to avoid labour laws and ethical behaviour.


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